Tuesday 1/18/2011

Last week's visit with our PT went really well. Ethan even showed off for her and rolled from back to stomach several times! :) Overall, she said Ethan is doing really well and we will just keep working with him. We are now working on tripod sitting (the picture is of my dad helping Ethan practice sitting when he came to visit on Sunday). He can sometimes hold himself steady for a few seconds, but he gets tired easily.

Jeff had Monday off and was able to be home for our visit with our hearing specialist. It was great to have Jeff at the visit so he could meet Julie and see what we do at these visits. We currently meet with her twice a month, but that may be increasing to every week after Ethan's six month review. We also spoke about having Ethan evaluated by an OT and a vision specialist.

Prayer Requests
-Please continue to pray for baby Ellie and her family in England.
-Please pray for all of the children and families impacted by PBDs.


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