Monday 1/24/2011

Ethan's been on antibiotics since Thursday, and he seems to be feeling a tad bit better. He's still really congested and has tons of snot, but he has had a better appetite today, so that is really good.

We had our monthly visit with Ethan's speech language pathologist, Betsy, today. She was excited about Ethan's ability to make and maintain eye contact. She was hoping to hear more constant sounds (right now all he has is the "m") but she was thrilled to see him rolling and trying to sit.

The big news of course is that yesterday Ethan was 6 months old. With his disorder that is a big date to get too, and 1 year will be even bigger. I've already told my father-in-law that we'll be having a huge first birthday at the church for this little dude!

I continue to pray for a miracle each day, and recognize that God's already been answering our prayers - overall, Ethan is doing so well. My grandma reminded me of something that is important to remember - prayers are always answered, the answer may be, yes, no, or not now/not the way you think. I know and have faith that if Ethan is not healed here on earth that he will be healed forever in heaven at the throne of Jesus.

Prayer Requests
-Pray for a family in MO whose baby went to be with Jesus last week.
-Pray for baby Ellie in England.
-Pray for all of the kids and families impacted by PBDs - please pray that our kids will be able to stay healthy throughout the winter, and if they do get sick that they will be able to bounce back easily.
-Pray for wisdom as Jeff and I decide about a new eye doctor for Ethan - we may go to Children's Hospital at St. Louis or the University of Iowa (Iowa City) to see specialists.
-Pray for the families who have recently lost their little ones.


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