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Illness, Illness, go away! Please don't come back any day!

We have had a really rough start to spring. We spent a week in the hospital in March for dehydration and a "mystery" virus/illness. Ethan only went to school Monday and Tuesday last week, and was sick the rest of the week --- cough/congestion, etc.. He started feeling better on Saturday, but that is when I started to feel like crud. This cold has really worn me out, so I haven't been running, and the half marathon is a week from Saturday!

Ethan went to school Monday and yesterday, and was fine until last night when he hardly slept, was irritable, and eventually developed a pretty high fever. The fever is gone, but he is still wiped out and restless. He is currently sleeping, and I pray that his body will be able to fight harder to get rid of whatever is making him feel so bad.

We just can't seem to stay healthy. I hate it.

March 2014 --- In like a lamb, out like a lion!

March went out like a lion for the Marshall family, as Ethan battled illness for the last two weeks of the month.Ethan went to school on Monday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) and didn’t get to return until March 31st (yesterday).

After Ethan came home from school on the 17th he had a nasty little cough, so the next day I kept him home from school to take him to the doctor. Ethan had a little bit of clear nasal drainage but besides the cough he seemed to be feeling okay. However, since we don’t like to take chances, we wanted to get Ethan checked out. It was a quick visit and there weren’t any signs of anything serious so we headed home but I figured it would be best to keep him home from school the next day anyway.

This ended up being a good decision since the clear nasal drainage started to turn into major yellow and green boogies and Ethan developed a fever as well. We treated the fever with a combination of ibuprofen and Tylenol, but overall Ethan was just miserable.

On Saturday…