"Miracle in Progress" by Kristin M. Marshall (2010)

My sister-in-law, a senior in high school, wrote this poem and presented it to Jeff and I for Christmas. I thought that I'd share it with everyone.

Miracle in Progress by Kristin M. Marshall (2010)

My eyes light up when I see a baby's face.
Cute little fingers, and eyes so bright.
I was excited when Ethan was born.
His parents were filled with delight.

We soon discovered that he wasn't quite normal;
All children are special in a way.
But young Ethan may lose his hearing or sight,
And the only thing to do is pray.

My insides twist around in a knot
When I see my mother's silent tears ---
We know he will be made fun of,
Laughed at in high school we fear.

I hate the thought of sweet Ethan
Living with hardships in life.
Even his kind, loving parents
Will deal with struggles and strife.

Though through it all we'll remember,
God has a plan for him too.
But for now we will call him "my pumpkin,"
And keep whispering, "I love you."


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