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Physical Therapy - November 21, 2013

When Ethan turned 3 years old his therapy services through Early Intervention (EI) ended and in August when he started preschool these services were for the most part transferred to the school setting. While he still receives similar services at school, the amount and goals of his therapies are slightly different, and we felt that Ethan would benefit from additional outpatient physical therapy and speech therapy. So Ethan has two physical therapists, Ms. Angie who works with him at school and Ms. Lindy who works with him at the hospital. Although these two ladies make him work hard, I think that they are probably his favorite therapists because they not only let him move but encourage it! Our boy loves to move.

During outpatient PT on Thursday Ethan decided to show off and show us just how close he is to taking independent steps. To see Ethan's awesome moves click here.

We continue to pray for at least 5 independent steps by Christmas. We are so proud of Ethan and are so thankful …