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Following a busy Christmas season with family, the New Year started out slow as the cold weather and snow/ice kept us inside where it was warm. School was closed numerous times throughout the month due to the snow/ice and/or biter cold temperatures and there were even a few days that the roads were too treacherous for Jeff to make it across town to go to work.

One of the best days of the month was Sunday, January 12th when Vicky and Kenna came to visit us! It was a joy to attend church with friends who we consider family and spend the majority of the day with them before they had to head home. I don't think I'll ever get tired of spending time with other GFPD families -- there are so few of us and we are spread out throughout the country/world -- that anytime we get to spend with one another is very special.

Despite the weather, Ethan did have several visits with specialists. 
On the 13th Ethan saw both the GI and the Neurologist. They were both happy to see how well he is do…