Sedated MRI & ABR - November 20, 2012

3:30pm --  We made it -- so glad to be home!
7am - The radiology waiting room. Ethan has no clue how long of a day it will be.

We won't have MRI results for a few days, and even then it will just be from the ENT regarding the inner ear structure (we won't see the neurologist until January). The ABR went well, there has been some additional loss, but not enough to consider Ethan a cochlear implant candidate at this time. Recovery was hard -- lots of crying from our sweet boy and he was trying to remove the IV all by himself.
After being discharged from the hospital we headed over to audiology and they turned up his hearing aids for us, so he should be getting the amplification he needs. For those interested/curious where Ethan's hearing is now:
  • 500 Hz - 50 R/L
  • 1000 Hz - 65 R/L
  • 2000 Hz - 75 R/L
  • 4000 Hz - 70 R/L

Here is a picture to help explain where Ethan's hearing is without his hearing aids.


So, as you can see, without his hearing aids he is unable to hear most speech sounds. He may realize that we are talking to him, but just not be able to understand what we are saying, -- but that doesn't mean that we won't talk to him when he has his hearing aids out, etc.
Plus, it appears that he can still hear most of his louder toys even without his hearing aids, although we notice that when his hearing aids are out he typically puts one of his ears closer to the toys --- he is a smart boy! Thankfully, with his hearing aids on it can bump him back up into what they call the "speech bubble."
It has been a long day, and may be an even longer afternoon and evening. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.


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