Happy Halloween and a GREAT start to Novemeber!

We started out our Halloween with a trip to the eye doctor for Ethan. He told us we could stop dilating Ethan's right eye each morning! So excited about that!!! We go back in January and we'll see if we have to continue with drops, think about eye muscle surgery or if the issue has for the time being been "fixed" by the dilation/drops we have been doing for the last three months.

After returning home from the eye doctor we waited for Jeff to get home and then we got Ethan into his Halloween costume. I ordered the dinosaur costume from Carters but when it came in the mail it looked more like a dragon than a dinosaur --- so we decided it could be either. We went to our church's Eats Before Treats and saw friends and some of our family and then visited Jeff's grandpa. The turnout for the event at church was awesome. They actually ended up running out of hot dogs about 10 minutes before it was supposed to end.



So, after a nice end to October, the first day of November started out great -- I didn't have to put the drops in Ethan's right eye, he drank his whole bottle and I got him off to school. While he was at school I jogged 2 miles, went home and got cleaned up and ready for the day and enjoyed a cup of coffee. When I got to school today to pick Ethan up his teacher shared that Ethan had an amazing day. Besides having his first kiss -- he kissed his little friend Lilly!!! He ate a whole 6oz. jar of stage 3 baby food and several oz. of applesauce, sat in the rifton chair without any problems during feeding and speech therapy, stood in his stander for 20 minutes, played and had a great time, never pulled his hearing aids out, his teacher swears he was saying 'hi' all morning, and then when we got ready to leave he "waved" --- open and closed his hand several times to say "bye" to Lilly! I'm not sure if he was just doing it all to impress a girl, but I'll take it! I am so glad that we chose to get involved in the STEPS program. :)


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