Feeling better?

Ethan hasn't been feeling well since last Wednesday. We were actually at the doctor's office last Wednesday for a physical that Ethan needed to be cleared for the upcoming sedated ABR and MRI. At the time Ethan just had a slight cough and his lungs were clear but we went ahead and started stress dosing him with his steroids in the hope to help his body fight the stress of being sick.

Over the past week the cough and boogies got a lot worse and Ethan hasn't been eating or drinking well. So this morning when he woke up and still didn't seem to be much better I called the doctor's office to get back in. We got an appointment for the afternoon. Ethan is now on antibiotics and hopefully he will be feeling much better by the end of the weekend. We will have to make a decision about the ABR and MRI on Monday, so we want Ethan to get better soon!

I also had a great conversation today with Ethan's endocrinologist. She has been working hard with us to make sure that Ethan gets the correct stress dosing for the sedation/ABR & MRI next week. She is a wonderful member to our team.

Yesterday was a PJ day for Ethan.


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