Headed Home!

We will be headed home!
The doctors have made their rounds this morning and we've been cleared to go home. The discharge process takes a while, but we are hoping by later this morning we'll all be home again!

Ethan was up again from 2:30-4:15am so we all could use some sleep. He is still refusing the bottle, so we are continuing to syringe his formula into him, but thankfully he is still eating applesauce. He will get another dose of the oral steroid this evening and we'll continue to watch him at home and follow up later this week at the doctor's office.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers!


  1. I'm so happy to hear Ethan is going home and he is feeling better. I bet that was tough for you all and I know you are ready to get home. It's tough for these boys to be a little hospital room with no toys to play with. Prayers were answered and it sounds like he is doing much better. :)


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