A Visit with Friends

This morning Ethan and I got in the car and headed north. We were on a mission to go visit our dear friends Mabel and Ramee. Ramee and I met back in the summer when I started to reach out to other parents in our area who have extra special little ones. We've talked online, on the phone, and met in person this summer when she hosted a 5K walk/run to raise awareness for rare disorders in honor of her beautiful daughter Mabel. Mabel is one week older than Ethan. She is so cute!

We had so much fun visiting and talking about things that only "dragon moms" understand. [Please read previous post for explanation]. In the few months that we've known each other she has already become a dear friend to me, and is a beloved sister in Christ. I am so fortunate to have someone in my area as well as two amazing women (Mel and Vicky) who are just a phone call away that love the Lord. We know that God has an amazing plan for our extra special little ones and for us and that He loves our kids even more than we do (which is REALLY hard to imagine). I thank the Lord for bringing these women into my life. I will admit that I sure wish it had been under different circumstances, but.... they are a true blessing to me.

Here are some pictures from our playdate with Mabel.


  1. How cute are they, what a fun time I bet they had. That's wonderful you have someone you can meet and talk to. I wish I had someone in this area, it's difficult at times to find someone that you can relate to or understands what you are going through. No matter how far apart we all are, we are connected in some way. The kiddos look adorable. :)


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