Learning to stand....

Ethan is in the proccess of learning how to bear weight through his legs, which will give him the strength to stand and someday walk!

With the help of his AFOs and the knee immobilizers that the PT brought along with her, Ethan is able to bear weight through his legs and stand with support at the waist. Here are some pictures from last week in PT:

Today in PT while Ethan wore his AFOs and the knee immobilizers he stood with support for over 20 minutes. Plus, his PT was able to let go of Ethan and he was able to maintain his weight for 1 SECOND! I know that standing for 1 second may not sound like much, but in our world this is a HUGE accomplishment. Maybe next week it will be for 2 or 3 seconds. Maybe by Christmas it will be 30 seconds! I think that is going to be one of my Christmas wishes :).

We are so very proud of our little man! We love him so much!


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