Sick. Again.

I believe Ethan must be allergic to school and church. He got to go to school Tuesday and Thursday (after missing the week before because he was full of yellow boogies and coughing) and by Thursday night he was full of yellow boogies, his eyes were red and watery again and the cough was back.
We cancelled PT on Friday due to a combination of the weather and Ethan not feeling well. We are missing church again this morning due to Ethan's boogies and his cough (I don't believe in taking sick kids to the nursery).

We've got a busy week, and several appointments in addition to school (if Ethan is feeling better by Tuesday morning) so please continue to pray for our family to be well. Jeff and I still are struggling with the tail end of this cold as well.

Is it too much to ask for us to all be "healthy?" I wouldn't think so, but since it seems like we have been sick more days than not since before Thanksgiving, perhaps it is. :(


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