Please show your support for th SACHDNC and continued expansion of newborn screenings that can save lives!

The SACHDNC is the only national venue where parents can contribute their experiences and perspectives to the public deliberations on newborn screening. For more information and to show your support/sign the petition, click here.

Please take a few minutes and sign the petition. This is to try to save the SACHDNC -- the group that Dr. Raymond and Ann Moser presented the newborn screening for peroxisomal disorders (ALD, PBD-ZSD, and DBPD) too this fall. Although it has not yet been recommended, they will continue to fight. This screening will save the lives of children born with ALD and will give answers to families of children with PBD-ZSD and DBPD so they can be ready to proactively address the complex medical issues that come along with these diseases.

There is concern that the SACHDNC will be cut. This group is critical to the future of newborn screenings for peroxisomal disorders and other diseases. Newborn screenings can save lives; allow families to seek the medical resources for providing the best quality of lives for their children; and allow families to make informed decisions about future family building if they now know that additional children born would be at risk for having a potentially fatal disease.

Newborn screenings are important and we need the SACHDNC!

Please show your support!

For more information about the SACHDNC visit their website.


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