New Ears!

Ethan started feeling sick on Thursday evening. He just got worse over the weekend, and last night was really tough. We started trying to get Ethan to bed at 7pm, he was visibly tired and not feeling well, but he did not go to sleep until almost midnight. We drove twice, we let him "cry" for 10 minutes twice, he refused to drink, he wouldn't play, he was just miserable. He has been full of boogies, and coughing, and just sick.
Here's what he looked like this morning.

It was not looking very good. Jeff and I talked and we agreed it was time to call the doctor. However, by 8:30am, when the office opens, Ethan was looking and acting a bit better, so I waited. A little before 10am we got a call from the audiologist who asked if we could come in and pick up Ethan's new ears! We said YES! So, this afternoon we headed to Springfield.
Ethan loves his new ears. They are larger and more powerful. His reaction/response was wonderful. Our audiologist, who is actually having a baby this evening (she was having contractions while we were at the office) was a little teary eyed over how responsive Ethan was. He has been aided since he was 4 months old, but his old ones just weren't strong enough to give him the proper amplification needed for his loss.
Although they aids are significantly larger than his old ones, Ethan tolerated them REALLY well. He wore them in the office, all the way home, and the majority of the evening before pulling them out (and he did that only because he was mad/frustrated). He even tapped his ear when we were getting ready for evening meds, which we following with bath time and bedtime. We have no way of knowing, but Jeff and I both wondered if he was trying to say, "Hey, where are my ears?" We will be looking to see if this is something he does more often, etc. to try to tell us something.
Thankfully Ethan was in bed by about 8:30pm tonight and hopefully he will sleep all night. We all need the rest. Getting the new hearing aids seemed to really make his day though and was in a pretty good mood tonight despite the boogies and drainage -- it is so bad his eyes are draining yellow/green gunk too. BOO!
No STEPS/school for Ethan tomorrow. Perhaps that was his plan all along.


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