Ethan's "non" drinking habits!

Ethan hasn't taken his bottle since early on Thursday evening. Since he won't drink out of a cup, and with a straw cup that we squeeze the liquid into his mouth he gets very little volume, he has simply cut off his drinking. This has us very worried of course. We have been pushing tons of applesauce and have been mixing pedialyte with the applesauce to give it more fluid, etc.

Saturday morning we took Ethan to a local "Express/Urgent" Care clinic and saw a doctor. He ruled out strep, ear infection and flu. He told us to push fluids (HA HA HA, if it was that simple we wouldn't have been at the doctor, right?) and to watch for wet diapers, etc. He said that if Ethan didn't have at least 4 wet diapers in a day that it was time to head to the hospital for IV fluids. While I wasn't completely happy with the clinic visit experience, I am glad that we went.

We are pros at keeping a intake/output journal, although we haven't had to in a while, but here was Ethan's yesterday.

7:45am - wake up with wet diaper
8am - 5 and 1/2 oz. of applesauce
9am - wet diaper
10:30am - 5 oz. of applesauce; meds/vitamins; 10 ml of pedialyte via syringe
12:30pm - dirty diaper
12:45pm - 3 oz. of applesauce
1-4pm - nap
4:15pm - wet diaper
4:30pm - 6 oz. of applesauce mixed with 2 oz. of pedialyte (for a total of 8 oz.)
7:35pm - wet diaper
7:45pm - 6 oz. of applesauce/pedialyte mix
8:30pm - bed

Ethan slept almost 11 hours last night and woke up with a good wet diaper this morning. He is still refusing bottle, we tried "big boy cups" again, etc. to the same violent refusal. We got 4 oz. of applesauce/pedialyte in him this morning along with all of his meds/vitamins. We are going to pick up some baby cereal today at the store that I can mix his Bright Beginnings (soy-based toddler drink, similar to Pedisure) with, so that he can hopefully spoon in all those nutrients and calories.

Thank you for the encouragement and prayers. I'll keep everyone posted about how today goes.


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