Ethan's new stander

Months and months ago Ethan's PT ordered a stander for Ethan. A stander is a piece of medical equipment that is designed to assist a child or adult in standing. For Ethan, the hope is that the stander will allow Ethan the opportunity to bear more weight through his legs, thus strengthening his muscles so that he will be able to stand independently and someday walk.

Ethan stayed in it for ten minutes tonight, with us entertaining him the whole time, of course. :) He will eventually work up to being in it for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, at least two times a day. It will take us a while, but other moms with little ones who have needed standers said that they have really helped strengthen their legs. Ethan can stand at the couch for a few minutes, but he needs more weight bearing to help not only his muscles but also his bones.

Here are some pictures.


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