The things we take for granted...

As you might imagine, my life is turning out much different than I had expected. I hope that I was never a person that took too much for granted, but I do believe that I am more thankful now than I was before Ethan came into our lives. I am also more aware of how much is taken for granted....

We are in the process of selling our house. Why move? We want a house that is more Ethan friendly. We want a house without stairs so that when he is able to walk with a walker or if he needs a wheelchair that our home will not be a hinderance to him. So as we began this process of looking for a different house we started with a long list of it can't have this....

NO Bi-levels
NO Two story homes
NO one story homes with large steps up to the house
NO one story homes with step ups or downs from one room to another
NO narrow hallways

All of these things seem like they shouldn't matter, but to a family who is uncertain about the future health and mobility of their child they are....

Sometimes I wish that I could take more things for granted, but that is no longer my life.... I notice things all the time that aren't accessible to people of any age with a disability or trouble with mobility.

After a lot of searching we have found a house. We've made an offer, continguent on the sell of our home, and it has been accepted. It is ranch home that is already ramped for a wheelchair! It needs some work, but I love it. Please pray that our home will sell so that we can be in the new one before winter!


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