Friday 2/25/2011

Greetings again from St. Mary's hospital. We are spending another night here, hopefully the last one for a while.

Ethan had seemed to be doing better throughout the day and we were able to get him to drink more - half way through the day we switched from formula to pedilyte, and he seemed to take a bit more of that. We've since went back to formula, and he hasn't eaten much this evening.

He had his first breathing treatment just before 8pm tonight. Prior to this the doctors and nurses thought that he didn't sound bad enough, but he started weezing, so it was finally time to start the treatments (Jeff and I thought they should have started yesterday...). He will get them every four hours. Hopefully we will all be asleep for the next one. :)

I wanted to thank everyone who has been praying for our little guy and an special thank you to my fellow PBD moms who have been keeping in touch and have helping us advocate for Ethan. Thank you so much, Melissa, Shannon & Vicky! I feel very blessed to call you my friends.

We are praying that we'll be out of here sometime tomorrow. Please pray that Ethan will continue to fight this virus and that we've seen the worst of it.


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