Friday 2/18/2011

Hello everyone. You might have noticed that I changed the background - this is in anticipation of the spring. We've had a small taste of it this past week and Ethan and I have been able to get outside the last two days. It's been wonderful. We are ready for spring!

On Monday, Ethan decided to play tug of war with his hearing aids. Ethan won! He pulled the tube completely out of the ear mold and it would no longer stay in. So, Tuesday morning Ethan and I traveled to Springfield to the walk-in hearing aid clinic at the audiologists office to get it fixed (so we didn't get to go to Baby Talk). When we got there we found out that his new ear molds were in, so he got to get those, in addition to getting the old one fixed (for a backup), which was a huge blessing. Ethan has been growing so much - he's had his hearing aids almost three months and is already on his third set of ear molds!

Tuesday afternoon Ethan had his six month check and shots at Dr. Smith's office. Dr. Smith is so pleased with how well Ethan is doing. Our "little" man weighed in at 18 pounds and 2 ounces and measured 27 1/2 inches long! We talked about Ethan's pooping problems and Dr. Smith told us to increase the lactolose in hopes that it will help him become more regular. After the doctor visit we got to take Ethan to visit with Jeff's grandparents and parents, which was fun.

After a long day we retuned home and the rest of the evening and night was pretty hard on Ethan - I think his legs were hurting from the shots, but he was a real trooper.

Wednesday morning Ethan had his monthly physical therapy (PT) appointment. We really like his PT and she was thrilled with how well he is doing. Ethan even showed off for her - tripod sitting for over 10 seconds for her! Our main focus for now is going to continue working on sitting independently. She has suggested that we begin weekly PT next month - Ethan has his six month review of Early Intervention (EI) services March 7th - which I think will be great. Now that he is bigger and we are working on sitting and soon crawling, I believe it will be very beneficial to have PT weekly.

Wednesday afternoon Ethan had his Occupational Therapy (OT) evaluation. We will be adding OT to his EI services in March. The OT will focus on fine motor skills while PT focuses on gross motor skills. The OT is going to finish her report and we will see her either twice a month or weekly. We'll know more on March 7th.

Thursday morning we went for a walk OUTSIDE! The weather was great and we meet friends at the park - it was wonderful. My friend's son is just four weeks younger than Ethan so we pushed the boys in their strollers and chatted while we worked up a sweat.

We also found out that the Department of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC) is going to pay for Ethan's helmet! This is a huge answer to prayer! Thank you for praying with us for this need.

Today we went for another walk OUTSIDE! It was another great day and we meet another friend and her son at a different park to walk, talk and play. Her son is 4 years old so he enjoyed seeing all the squirrels and geese that were out enjoying the warm weather.

Next week is going to be a busy one!
-Monday morning Ethan has his appointment with his Hearing Specialist, and in the afternoon we will get him casted for his helmet.
-Tuesday we'll try to go to Baby Talk. Maybe we'll make it this week. :)
-Wednesday morning Ethan has his appointment with his Vision Therapist.
-Thursday monring Ethan has his appointment with his Speech Language Pathologist and in the afternoon we go to the audiologist to finish up his ABR.

Prayer Requests
-Pray for all children and families impacted by PBDs.
-Pray that Ethan will have more regular bowel movements (this week he had one on Monday and not another one until today - Friday). I know it sounds weird to ask you to pray for poop - but when Ethan isn't regular it makes his tummy hurt, he gets cranky, and won't eat very well.
-Pray for the Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders ( board of directors as they finalize details for the first annual GFPD conference.
-Pray for Ethan to continue to make progress developmentally and physically. Pray that he will remain healthy and happy and that we will know how to help Ethan reach his fullest potential.
-Pray for Jeff's success at work as he continues to work hard to provide for us and allow me to stay home with our little man.
-Pray that we will continue to seek the Lord's will and look for ways to give honor and glory to God as he works through Ethan. We believe that Ethan is a very special little boy with a very special purpose from the Lord (we may not understand the Lord's plan, but we know and trust that He has one).


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