"Slight" Improvement?

So, I don't have any actual numbers yet, but I just got the call from our geneticist's nurse (at 5pm as she was headed out the door) and the blood work that we did after Ethan had been on the new higher dose of Cystadane (betaine) -- the experimental medicine --- came back this afternoon. Apparently our doctor has already been in contact with Dr. Braverman (geneticist from Canada/PBD specialist) and they are encouraged because there appears to be a "slight" improvement- with his numbers trending "a bit" closer to "normal." The lab results will be put in the mail to me first thing in the morning. When I know more I will share. Are these findings enough to say that the medicine is "working?" I'm not sure we can say that yet, but for now, we can assume it isn't "hurting," and we will be continuing Ethan at the current dosage --- not sure when we will check levels again to see if the "trend" is still occurring, etc.

Please continue to keep Ethan in your prayers and all families impacted by PBD. Pray that the proposed clinical trial will soon be underway so that other children will have access to this medicine -- because what if it is helping? If it is, we want as many families as possible to have access. No, it isn't a cure, but if it could mean that individuals with PBD have a better quality of life, it is a huge step in the right direction!


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