Hearing Aid Coverage for Kids

I need your help. We need to get around 300 more signatures. Did you know that hearing aids for children are typically not covered by health insurance because they are considered cosmetic?

As a parent of a child with hearing loss in addition to other challenges because of PBD-ZSD, I can tell you that Ethan having hearing aids (and possibily cochlear implants someday if his hearing gets to a point that hearing aids can no longer help) is not "cosmetic," it is a neccessity.

Please consider signing this petition and letting the state know that insurance companies should be required to cover hearing aids for children. The leadership team behind the petition has a meeting set with an Illinois elected official, but we would really like to have 1,000 or more signatures on the petition before then. Thank you for signing and for spreading the word. https://www.change.org/petitions/state-of-illinois-legislators-pass-legislation-that-would-mandate-hearing-aid-coverage-for-children#


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