IL Kids Need Hearing Aid Coverage

Did you know that most insurance companies consider hearing aids "cosmetic"? While IL and most states now provide newborn hearing screening, because they understand the importance of early intervention for children with hearing loss (hearing aids, cochlear implants, speech therapy, hearing services, introduction to sign language, etc.)many families struggle to find a way to pay the $2,000 to $3,000 that EACH hearing aid costs. If a family qualifies for IL's All Kids program there is coverage and other families can qualify for help through DSCC but that too is income based. We were very lucky that when Ethan was fitted for his first pair at four months old that we qualified for DSCC, but due to Jeff's raise we no longer due. While we are blessed that Jeff has a good job, and that our insurance does cover some of the costs associated with hearing aids there is a lot that they don't cover. Including ongoing hearing tests, earmolds, and a good portion of the hearing aids. Some insurances don't cover anything! They won't cover hearing aids, cochlear implants or the audiological services that children with hearing loss need. Most families, even when they are blessed to have one or both parents with "good" jobs can't easily come up with the several thousands of dollars needed for hearing aids.

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  1. That frustrates me so much, what "good" insurance company doesn't cover hearing aids for a child?. We live in Texas and my insurance didnt cover Cole's hearing aids. You have to separate them from a senior who looses their hearing with age. Hearing aids/Cochlears are essential for our little ones to thrive. I hope one day more benefits are out there for our kids and futures kids. :)


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