A new adventure....

We took Ethan's walker with us to church for the first time this afternoon when we went for the new addition's open house - which includes an elevator to the basement/fellowship hall and new handicap accessible restrooms. We are using a sling on the walker that gives Ethan more of the support he needs, but the walker he currently has is too short, so he isn't "walking" as well as he should.  However, next weekend he'll be getting a taller walker from his friend Ginny. Ginny is 4 and from Tulsa,  and she has been walking independently for well over a year, so she doesn't need her walker anymore. The new larger walker should help a lot, since it will "force" Ethan to bear more weight through his legs. The walker Ethan has been using, that was originally Sam's from Nebraska, and then Kenna's from Carrollton, Illinois, will now be ready for the next GFPD family that needs it. It works great, but our little man is just too tall.

Regardless, Ethan seemed to have a blast "walking around" at church, especially down in the fellowship hall where he had tons of space to explore. He is getting better and better at putting one foot in front of the other. There were a few "misty" eyes from some of our church family when they saw our little man in his walker. While we know that most of our church family admits they "don't understand/get it" it is still encouraging to know that so many people love and pray on a regular basis for our little guy. We are blessed to call First Baptist Church in Mt. Zion, Illinois are church home.


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