My Strong-Willed Little Boy

Ethan is 22 months old and it is showing! All of our therapists laugh because it seems like most of the kids they see, despite the challenges that they have, still experience the "terrible twos." 

Ethan wore his glasses so well on the first day but we haven't been able to keep them on for longer than a few seconds since then. Even if we hold his hands he will wave his head back and forth or try to rub his face with his shoulder to get them off, all while screaming of course because we are holding his hands. If we don't hold his hands the glasses are off before they can get on and adjusted.

Ethan has also decided that he shouldn't have to wear the one hearing aid that is working. He yanks it out almost immediately every time I put it in he pulls it out.

Bedtime has been going a bit better. Ethan is so mobile - combat crawling all day long - that he seems to be wearing himself out a little more. Last night he was asleep by 10pm and tonight by 9pm. He still needs medication to help, but that is success in our book.

Ethan sure has a mind of his own and a personality to match. We would appreciate lots of prayer for Ethan to accept and enjoy his hearing aids and glasses. We pray that he will understand that they are designed to help him and that he will learn to tolerate them and eventually even want them on because he realizes that he can hear and see better with them on.


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