People can be so hurtful!

I'd like to ask you to read a post from my dear friend Ramee. Ramee is the wonderful mom of three beautiful children. Her youngest, Mabel, is a week older than Ethan. Mabel has LOTS of health issues, many similar to Ethan, some different. The family does not have a diagnosis or name to the underlying reason why Mabel has the challenges that she does. They are still looking for answers. Mabel and Ethan are pals and have gotten to play together a couple of times because our families live less than a half hour away from each other.

My heart hurts today for my friend because as I read her post about their recent trip to the zoo, I could relate. Mabel and Ethan are different and this world does not understand them or kids like them. And, unfortunately, this world and the people in it can sometimes be very cruel. As a  parent of a child with special needs I have not only all the worries and challenges that come with providing the care, love and attention that Ethan requires but also grief daily for what PBD steals from him and us as a family.

While I don't think any parent of a child with special needs wishes that others would have children with similar issues, I do pray that people would be more sensitive and understanding. I get that people have questions. That is okay! Depending on the day and the situation I am more than willing to educate most people on why Ethan is Ethan, and sometimes I might simply state that he has many health issues and special needs - I consider spreading awareness about PBDs part of my mission as Ethan's mom, but when people are cruel and hateful (like what my dear friend experienced yesterday at the zoo) it makes me just want to scream!

To all my dear friends who have extra special little ones -- lots of hugs and love! This is a tough journey we are on and I am so thankful that the Lord has brought you into my life.

To all my friends who have healthy, typically developing children -- I pray you will do your best to raise your children to become respectful and caring adults, and not the rude and hateful kind that my friend experienced yesterday when they encounter a child or adult with disabilities.

Raising Redheads by Ramee Larson

Mabel and Ethan


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