Wednesday, April 13th - Couching sitting and other fun stuff

Before PT this morning while Ethan was still in his Pj's we did some couch sitting! We have been working on sitting for almost three months now, and he has come a long way. We aren't sitting independently for long periods of time (it can range anywhere from few seconds to a few minutes) but we are going to get there.

Couch sitting is a lot easier than sitting on the floor.

And then he played....

And then it was time to get dressed and ready for PT. We love Ethan's PT, she's great. She was very impressed with the progress that Ethan has been making, even since last week, with his sitting. She always gives Ethan a great workout and gives me easy-to-do exercises for me to do with Ethan. A new thing that Ethan has been using during his sessions recently is an exercise ball. He enjoys bouncing (with help, of course) and the workout on it is really helping to strengthen his core - which will make sitting independently for longer periods possible.

I know that Ethan will do things in his own way in his own time, but I have to admit that I am hoping and praying that by the end of this month we have sitting independently (for at least 5 minutes) conquered. If we don't, that is okay - but we all have to have a goal, right?


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