Tuesday, April 12th - Dietitian Visit

Ethan had his monthly visit with his dietitian, Jen, today. He weighed 18 pounds and 15 ounces and he is 28 and 5/8 inches long. This puts him right at the 50th percentile for both height and weight! We are so proud of him!!!

In the last two weeks Ethan has really been taking to baby food. I am now making most of it myself - much easier than I thought - because then I know exactly what he is eating. With PBDs so many kids really struggle with eating and there is some evidence to suggest that limiting phytanic acid can be helpful, so for us, it is just easier and cheaper! :)

It varies a lot from one day to another when it comes to how much he is eating, but we are trying to get him to eat at least 1 or 2 ounces three times a day. Here are some recent "meal time" pictures.

Do you think he knows this means "more"? We are working on that sign.

Ethan's first introduction to meat - chicken! I think my little man might end up a vegetarian. What do you think?

Ethan almost holding his bottle.... He is better at grabbing it and pushing it away than he is holding it to eat.


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