Friday 11/5/2010

It has been a busy week!

Ethan saw the dietitian and the developmental hearing specialist. The little guy weighed in at 12 lbs. and 3 1/2 oz. and was 24 and 3/4 inches long. YEAH! Ethan played with the hearing specialist and we are looking forward to meeting with her two times a month. She'll see him again near the end of the month after he gets his hearing aids.

Ethan and I went to our first Baby Talk Times (playgroup). This was great - something very "normal." We plan to go back.

We had a play date with friends! Yeah, I was so glad that we got out and did this. :)

Ethan and I went to Springfield to see the Audiologist for another ABR and his hearing aid evaluation. He slept long enough to get another complete ABR!!!! This was so great, because it allowed them to get a more complete picture of his hearing loss. At this time, he has moderate loss in both ears (hearing loss is measured on a scale - mild, moderate, severe, profound). Following the ABR they made ear mold impressions for his hearing aids - which will be a very nice blue color - that he'll be getting on the 23rd. I am very excited that we'll be able to get hearing aids on him so soon - the sooner the better when it comes to development!

Jeff's parents came over to visit in the evening and they got to see Ethan roll from his tummy to his back! I was so excited because although that was the 4th time he'd rolled from tummy to back, Jeff and his parents had never seem him do it before! I am so proud of our little guy!

We went to the infant play group at Pershing Early Learning Center (where Ethan will go to preschool - when he's older). There was only one mom and her son, a very cute 2 month old, there, but we had fun anyway. It was nice to get out of the house and to talk to another mom of a little one.

This weekend Jeff's brother and his wife will be visiting with their two little ones, so we'll have lots of great family time!

Monday I'm going to get to meet another mom whose little one has a PBD. I'm so excited about meeting my new friend in person.

Please continue to pray for all of the children affected by PBDs. Please pray that they will be able to avoid major illnesses this winter (getting sick is really tough on our kids).


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