Illness, Illness, go away! Please don't come back any day!

We have had a really rough start to spring. We spent a week in the hospital in March for dehydration and a "mystery" virus/illness. Ethan only went to school Monday and Tuesday last week, and was sick the rest of the week --- cough/congestion, etc.. He started feeling better on Saturday, but that is when I started to feel like crud. This cold has really worn me out, so I haven't been running, and the half marathon is a week from Saturday!

Ethan went to school Monday and yesterday, and was fine until last night when he hardly slept, was irritable, and eventually developed a pretty high fever. The fever is gone, but he is still wiped out and restless. He is currently sleeping, and I pray that his body will be able to fight harder to get rid of whatever is making him feel so bad.

We just can't seem to stay healthy. I hate it.


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