An Amazing Sisterhood - 100 years of Alpha Chi Omega at Millikin University

I graduated from Millikin University in 2004. During my college years I was involved in a number of different organizations and was also proud member of the Big Blue Cross Country and Track teams. During my freshman year at Millikin I decided that I wanted to become involved in Millikin's Greek Life and in the Spring of 2001, I became an initiated member of Alpha Chi Omega. Most people who know me know that I am, and have always been, far from the sorority stereotype portrayed on television or in the movies, but a sorority girl I am.

The women that I met during my four years as a collegiate member of Alpha Chi Omega came from different backgrounds and life experiences, and I am proud to say that very few fit into the sorority stereotype -- they were so much more! Although I was involved in sports and several other organizations on campus, I lived with these women and they truly became my family. While I will admit that as the years have passed I have not remained as close to many of these amazing women as I wish I had, we will always a special bond.   

This past weekend was Millikin's Homecoming. 2013 also marks 100 years of Alpha Chi Omega on Millikin's campus, so there were several special Alpha Chi Omega events during the Homecoming weekend. Saturday evening Jeff accompanied me to our chapter's Centennial Celebration Banquet. Shortly after we arrived I was introduce to a fellow Alpha Chi Omega sister, Mary C. I have spoken with Mary a number of times online through our alum network, but this was the first time I had met her face to face. Mary lives in Florida and became an Alpha Chi Omega in the 1960s. Although I had not met Mary in person before Saturday evening I already knew that she was an amazing women. Over the last couple of years she has become a huge champion for Ethan and has been following our family's PBD-ZSD journey.  

After being introduce to Mary and a fellow Alpha Chi Omega sister from her "era" and a round of hugs Mary handed me an envelope. I planned on opening it later, but she encouraged me to go ahead and open it. Inside I found a handmade card. On the outside it read "Alpha Chi Omega." On the inside was the following message:
True to the promises invoked in our Alpha Chi Omega Symphony...
We the Upsilon Initiates of 1962 - 1967 herby send forth the chords of
Love, Unselfishness, Sincerity on behalf of
The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders
May the children and families representing the Foundation accept this gift, continuing to exemplify the attributes of courage, strength, love, hope and friendship as set forth by the women of Alpha Chi Omega of every generation.
With Support and Hope,
Alpha Chi Omega Alumnae
Initiation Classes 1962-1967

Enclosed was a $500 check made out to GFPD in honor of Ethan!

I was so completely blown away and I literally burst into tears! The generosity of women who had never met me or Ethan yet have fallen in love with him and wanted to show their support of my GFPD family left me in awe. Even now it seems a bit unreal. My Alpha Chi Omega sisters are truly amazing women and the very special bond we share is one that bridges the many generations that are united through this amazing sisterhood. 
After I pulled myself together we had a wonderful evening, visiting with friends that I haven't seen in years and wishing that many who weren't able to make it where there with us. It was a wonderful evening and I consider myself blessed to be an Alpha Chi Omega.


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