A great PT session!

This afternoon Ethan had his first "official" outpatient physical therapy sessions. Now that he has started preschool he will have PT at school but we know that he will need the extra help/support that he will get through weekly outpatient therapy in addition to what he will receive at school. We are also glad that we will be able to continue working with Ethan's PT, Lindy, who has been with Ethan since he started the STEPS program in August 2012. It is great that she knows Ethan, has been working with him a while, and she can help his school PT understand more about Ethan -- what works, what hasn't, his strengths, what he continues to struggle with, etc. and they will be coordinating in some ways to make sure that we are all working to help Ethan reach new gross motor milestones.

Today was Ethan's first day using the parallel bars. He had a great session. This boy really wants to walk, although I am pretty sure that once he gets the hang of it he will be running, not walking.


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