Sometimes you just have to snuggle

I will admit, I look forward to Ethan's nap time. It isn't that I don't love my son or love being with him, because I do, but I think I can speak for most parents that most of the times babies and toddlers (and even big kids) just need a nap.

Ethan's nap time is typically the time in which I can get things done --- dishes, laundry, take a shower, do work for GFPD, and I admit that sometimes I just sit on the couch and relax for a bit. Today was a day that I had things planned for nap time. I've been working on a project for GFPD that needed to be completed, but Ethan didn't want to sleep today.

I let him cry for a few minutes before I went to rescue him when it became obvious that napping was not on his agenda. So, we curled up on the couch with a blanket and a silly Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movie (don't remember which) and snuggled. Ethan isn't a snuggler, typically, so I just enjoyed the moment. I sang to him -- it was probably a good thing he had his hearing aids out -- and I told him how much I love him. We rocked a little, and I prayed for the millionth time for the Lord to heal my baby.

As Ethan fell asleep in my arms, I decided not to put him down. I knew I was right where I needed to be. Somehow I was able to successfully maneuver into a somewhat comfortable position while keeping Ethan asleep and there we were, for over an hour. My precious toddler, who is still truly a baby both inside and out, resting on my chest. Today nothing got done during nap time and that is okay. I know the reality of this disease, and that someday it will not be more time to get things done that my heart and soul will ache for.

I am going to steal this quote from the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospitals commercials - "Give thanks for the healthy kids in your life, and give to those who are not." So today, and everyday, please hold your kids (the healthy and the not so healthy ones) a little tighter and make sure you tell them how much you love them and thank the Lord for the time that you have with them.

And if you happen to have the ability to give a little extra to help make a difference for kids in need this Christmas season please consider doing so. There are many wonderful organizations that you can partner with to provide Christmas gifts for children whose parents' aren't able to this year and of course there are organizations such as St. Jude's Children's Research Hospitals, the Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders (GFPD) and so many others that are trying find treatments and cures for children facing life threatening illnesses.


  1. I am so glad you got snuggle time...What a beautiful post. ((((hugs))))


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