What does your Thursday look like?

Thursdays are almost always busy around the Marshall house. Ethan has physical therapy and occupational therapy every Thursday (unless their is a conflict) and twice a month on Thursdays he typically has his appointment with his vision therapists, and once a month on Thursdays he typically sees the dietitian. Sometimes the stars line up and we all of those on the same day.... like today - except instead of having a vision therapy session, Ethan had his first meeting/evaluation with the feeding therapist.

Here was my little man's schedule today:
9:30 - 10:30am Physical Therapy
12:45-1:45pm Feeding Therapy & Dietitian Visit
2:15-3:15pm Occupational Therapy

It was a busy, but good day, minus the fact that Ethan still isn't eating well and now weighs less than he did six months ago. The plan is for Ethan to start Feeding Therapy, two times a month, starting next month (on Thursdays - it is the only day the feeding therapist is in Decatur).

Look at what Ethan did for a few minutes today during PT! He isn't pulling up yet, but he can stand up if he can lean on something for just over a minute or so (when he wants too, of course). 


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