Ethan meets Corey

We had a "God moment" this week. We had previously planned on Ethan and I going to Mt. Vernon to spend two days with my family, since my cousins from the Atlanta, GA area were going to be visiting. The day before Ethan and I were going to leave, I got an email from a newly diagnosed family. As the Family Registry and Support Group Coordinator for the GFPD, I get these emails on a pretty regular basis, but the family that contacted me this time was actually from southern Illinois -- only about an hour from my parents' house! So, I responded to their email and then later that day called and after having a wonderful chat with Jeanine we made plans to meet in two days when Ethan and I would be in the area.

I am so glad we did! Jeanine is wonderful and Corey is precious. Ethan even took Corey flowers, he'd never done that for a girl before! Please keep baby Corey and her family in your prayers. Corey is just five weeks old.

Corey - so beautiful!


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