A Great Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend visiting with the Gamble and Maag families. It was so wonderful to see our friends and their little ones. Melissa and Brant's daughter, Ginny is three. Shannon and Vicky have two daughters, Clancy who is healthy, and an amazing big sister to Kenna, who is also three and has PBD like Ginny and Ethan. These women and their families are a huge blessing to me and Jeff.

Spending the weekend with them was just what we needed in the midst of all the hectic stuff with trying to get the house move-in ready. It also gives us so much hope for Ethan. While all three families know that the future truly is in the Lord's hand, it is encouraging to see two little ones that are thriving against the odds!

Kenna, Ginny & Ethan at the St. Louis Zoo!


  1. This is such a cute picture, and it's great you guys were able to get together. Ethan looks so cozy in his outfit. He really is a cutie. I'm happy he is doing well. Congrats on your new house, I'm sure you will love it once you're all settled.
    Take Care!!!


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