Its all about timing...

I took Ethan to the doctor on Monday because he was still fighting whatever bug he has caught. The fever would break, come back, break, and them come back all weekend long. So, Monday it was time to go see Dr. Dan.

Dr. Dan gave Ethan a good luck over and came to the conclusion it was probably a viral infection and that we should just keep doing what we've been doing and make sure we let the office know if the fever gets to 101 or higher. He also ordered blood work - some routine stuff to check related to Ethan's PBD.

So, I was planning on taking him to get the blood draw on Tuesday morning, but then I realized we needed to get another test called into the lab. So, Tuesday morning I spoke with the doctor's office and had it called in as well. But, since these tests need to be done first thing in the morning (because they have to be fasting) we then pushed it back to this morning.

However, last night Ethan crashed before seven o'clock and ended up sleeping through the whole night! He didn't take a nap yesterday.... So, I didn't want to have the lab attempt a blood draw with him not eating since 5pm the night before.... it is so tough to take blood from a little one anyway and with the amount of tests they are going to run they will be taking a significant amount.

So, we'll plan for tomorrow morning! We'll see. It is all about timing. If Ethan will take a good bottle before bed and then sleep through the night so we can go first thing in the morning (before his morning bottle) we'll be set!

Please keep us in your prayers.
  • It is our prayer that the blood work will be fine (remember fine for him is different than "normal" but as long as it isn't any worse than back in December we will be happy).
  • Also, please pray that Ethan will begin to tolerate his glasses. Right now he screams and pulls them off the moment we put them on. When he pulls them off his hearing aids come out with them, so it is a mess. We aren't giving up, but I think it is going to be a tough road to get him adjusted to wearing them.


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